Beverly Hills, Here Come the Texas Twins! Filming Our Sizzle Reel With Good Clean Fun For Pawning Planners 

Packing for the trip to Beverly Hills for my twin and I has immediately proved that I’m unable to pack light dearest readers!

I’m very excited to tell you that our little show stopping superstars, The Tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney will be joining us this year at the parade and like me, are already coordinating their outfits 🙂

In order to prepare for the numerous meetings that I’ve scheduled for this trip along with a contract to appear on Hot Bench regarding a lawsuit I filed against “The Tardy for her own Party Bride” I carefully reviewed a contract that stated no prints (no leopard, no zebra, no sequins?!) that has me searching my extensive wardrobe for something that obviously wouldn’t be my first choice, or Cindy’s either.

Due to a slip and fall at the Gaylord September 1, Cindy has suffered a fractured tailbone and I’ve purchased a flashy cane for her to bring with us. The Texas Twins never miss an appearance and although in pain, Cindy loves her latest fashion accessory I found on EBay.

However, the rest of the trip will be in my usual attire of fun and flashy crocodile or alligator boots and crazy wild couture outfits I love so much.

My twin, Cindy Daniel and I were uncertain of what jewels to bring (after all, Texas Ladies love to bring the bling!) so, we are packing a few jewelry cases to ensure good planning (albeit far from the overnight bag suggested on documents from the studio executives for Hot Bench that had me laughing.) an overnight bag or duffel bag? Wow, I’ve never even met someone who can travel that light.

We are so excited to meet our friends at Good, Clean Fun Entertainment and, I’m proud to announce that Bill Bean of TrueTV will be traveling to Texas and will get those dates out as soon as I have them for ya all.

I attended the meeting of TCGPWA last night with many others limping due to a painful kidney stone that I pray passes before leaving for our trip September 30, and regret that I will be unavailable to host the Rainbow Lounge Wedding Reception this Pride. You can rest assured that I’ve already purchased the champagne, wedding cake, decorations and utensils ahead of time to donate to this event and my Texas Twins Team of Robert and Stephanie Hafele along with Ann Alexander, Cory Oropenza and Virginia Malone will be on hand to greet everyone and welcome them to join my parade entry #29 Texas Twins Events with a fun and fabulous outfit so long as there are NO inappropriate clothing choices (thongs, bikinis and revealing outfits as per rules associated with the parade) please remember, this is a family event with children. Also, no throwing of any items from floats due to the danger of children running under moving vehicles.

I’m attaching the map and, parade participants must be in the line up with their groups not later than 10:30.

Tina Harvey has advised that as many volunteers as I can successfully rustle up for the Picnic in the Park to help set everything up on Sunday early (preferably 7:30-8:30am) would be an immense help for the picnic, please use my website contact us link to reach me if you’d like to be a volunteer or, March in my entry this year prior to Friday Evening.

As usual, this will be a lot of fun and help bring the community together and I look forward to seeing you there!

Children are always welcome to both the parade and, the picnic. Parents, please remember that there are moving vehicles and horses in this parade and keep children safely out of harms way.

I will miss seeing everyone at the Wedding Reception Rainbow Lounge Event but will be back in plenty of time to see you at the parade and picnic. Special thanks to Tom McAvoy and the Rainbow Lounge for once again opening their doors and donating the bar for this event with myself and Texas Twins Events.

Wendy Wortham
Owner/Minister/Events Specialist IMG_3510.JPG