Beg, Borrow, Barter, Bridal & Event Services? The Pawning Planners Take Almost Anything in Trade!

Texas Twins Events and Wendy Wortham are proud to announce that in the ever changing economic world, we now take trades for our services of wedding officiant, photography, event services and more.

My sister site is where you can submit your trade and tell me your unique story if you have no money, it’s no problem!
Call me crazy or just plain creative but I found a niche that works with my other business, Texas Twins Treasures to flip goods I’ve taken in on trade.

Bartering is making a comeback and I’m on board!

Tomorrow as I leave DFW to meet with executives to discuss plans for a reality show based on my Fort Worth business, I will continue to keep you updated.

Texas Twins Travels, a book on my many adventures with my twin sister, Cindy Daniel and our tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney will be self published in a few months.

As with my businesses, there will be joy, sorrow, success and triumph.

Overcoming obstacles has been a way of life for me and my twin and, after numerous suggestions throughout my life to write this book- I’m finally adding it in to my schedule. If I can make it, others can too.

When life hands you a lemon, grab a glass and get that lemonade.

Although I will not be present for the event I’m sponsoring Tuesday evening for TCGPWA at the Rainbow Lounge, I will be back in time to match in my parade entry #29 Texas Twins Events Saturday morning where anyone is welcome to join.

I’m looking forward to returning to California with my sister, not many know but, Cindy and I were born in Lompoc and miss the sand, sun and sea everyday.

“Fort Worth Friendly” folks of Texas are certainly a refreshing surprise for many from other states, our husbands are both Texas born and bred. Matthew Wortham, my husband and business manager is perhaps one of the reasons for my many successes. Supporting me in every venture that I take an interest in along with my sister and grand nieces, if not for my husband, I’m afraid that my successes would have been much harder to achieve and am thankful everyday to have found a business manager and partner that understands the need for anyone and everyone to have a beautiful ceremony for a wedding, funeral, baptism and more.