Beautiful LBGT Union with Cake & Champagne at Ministers Location Package $250

Christine Thomas and Laurie Jones called me from Houston last week to request another ceremony in Houston with their family and friends after coming to Fort Worth for a ceremony in our home.

Calling to let me know they had found my ad on Purple Unions they had a short window of 24 hours which I quickly assured them was possible to accommodate.

Christine and Laurie had viewed photos of our home from my Pinterest Board and decided they loved the art and antiques so much that they had changed their minds from a wedding in the park off Bellaire.

I offer a package called our Elopement a Package at my home that includes cake and champagne and a ceremony for $175 and, upon request, two photographers who provided guests with a CD or DVD or Both for an additional $150 so they can make as many photos as they wish.

Christine and Laurie had a great time in various poses throughout our home and were thrilled with their photos as well and, since we were able to provide an affordable event that exceeded their expectations- they’ve decided to fly Cindy Thomas Daniel to Houston for a family and friends commitment ceremony in a few months. We are very honored by this request and, travelled to San Antonio, TX last year for Tash and Tamara Hargrove-Lenzy after they travelled to Fort Worth for my group unification ceremony prior to the TCGPWA parade.

Our clients are family, and, requests from happy customers along with your recommendations make our day!

At Texas Twins Events, we promise to keep your events as happy, fun, comfortable, and affordable as possible.

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Reverend Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events