Beautiful Zion Community Center Wedding of Dustin & Tiffany Nash

This couple contacted me and requested to meet prior to the ceremony at the Community Center.

Explaining a tight budget with beautiful children, I decided to gift this young couple by purchasing frames for family photos on tables and loaning many items from my store room out of Texas Twins Events inventory- including bows for the trees , Centerpieces and tablecloths to add beauty to this wonderful and unique venue just outside Weatherford, TX.

My twin sister Cindy and I arrived early with the twins to set up and decorate the venue and found the building to be locked. Ugh-oh!

No problem, I called and we placed white bows around the trees and pitch of the venue while the Tiny Texas a Twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney set out tablecloths on picnic tables and helped to unload our SUVs.

The turn out from friends and their community along with their families was heart touching for everyone involved.

We had brought along a new video camera that I had not yet mastered so, I will be also gifting the video and photos to the couple to make use of the frames i had purchased to not only decorate the venue, but also to take as gifts for the couples new home.

Decorating the venue had left me in less than fresh condition, due to the heat I was dripping in sweat and attempted to freshen up in the restroom and change into my chasuble to prepare for the ceremony.

Although, the Bride and Groom were running a few minutes behind, Cindy and I set out snacks and drinks and everyone patiently awaited the Bridal Couple.

Folks are always surprised when I choose to forgo a fee and add gifts to a special moment when officiating a wedding or funeral and this would be no exception.

The Bridal family and their friends were so grateful for the many extras we gifted them and Cindy Daniel agreed that if ever there were a family that deserved a lovely wedding and loaned decorations, it was this beautiful family.

Congratulations to this beautiful Bride and her handsome beau, together they will bring much joy to their community, their children, and their families.20140807-195235-71555710.jpg