Banjo Playing Boyfriend Gets the Boot! A Wedding isn’t the Place to Serenade…

Although it is without a doubt that this Texas Twins strives to overcome darn near any unexpected event that may blindside me during a wedding ceremony, you can imagine my horror to see the doors open and a young man singing and playing a banjo approaching the alter with myself and the shocked couple in stunned silence.

I’ve often told my twin that there must be a hidden camera at some of the most outrageous and inappropriate moments the past two years, and I meant it.

Quickly realizing that my moment of “this is going to be exceptionally perfect” was effectively thrown out the window with this embarrassing element slapping my face, I asked if the couple had hired a singer?

The Bride told me no that this person making a spectacle of himself was a previous boyfriend who apparently realized I wasn’t going to ask for an objection (I never do- why would I give anyone an opportunity to screw up my perfectly orchestrated ceremony?) decided to “sing and play his way right down the aisle” in front of the guests.

Taking both my hands to part the clients and approach this idiot myself, I grabbed him and told him to leave the venue at once or I shall be forced to call security and found myself wrapped around him struggling towards to church doors.

Fear not dear and loyal readers, as I am and always shall be quite capable of addressing stupidity.

After successfully removing this obstacle and returning to my station, I restarted the ceremony and advised the clients to take a deep breath.

It is without a doubt that preposterous behavior will “pop up” and you can rest assured that it will be immediately addressed BY ME to ensure perfection at your event.

For those “boyfriends” attempting to make themselves the center of attention- be warned- I will not tolerate such ridiculous behavior and risk ruining a carefully orchestrated event because you had a bright idea to destroy my ceremony.

There is a reason I do not and never will raise the objection question and the reason is, I refuse to give anyone an opportunity to “spoil the day” as I’m hoping that anyone wishing to do so wasn’t invited in the first place!

Adjusting my ruffled feathers from Fort Worth, I am the Wedding Warrior…

Wendy M Wortham
Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners