Back To TDCJ Beto Unit, TDCJ Hutchins State Jail, Belltower Chapel And Saying Goodbye To Ann…

One of my dedicated readers reached out this week to check on me after my hysterectomy two weeks ago. The truth is that a secondary bacterial infection from the catheter caused a kidney and bladder infection that complicated my recovery. I’m doing better and still trying to accept the sudden death of my stepdaughter, Ann. 

Cindy and I have had our hands full juggling my dad and my niece the past few months and quite frankly, family issues are always juggled into our clients. Running from one gig to the next and putting out fires with our family is and always will be an escapade in futility. My niece still won’t look for a job and at least my dad made a new friend to keep him busy. More on that later.

My stepdaughter died in her sleep and a phone call from my husband regarding her sudden passing immediately made me heartsick. Ann has been working Events with Cindy and I for nearly eight years now. My Team will miss her greatly. 

Special thanks to Julie and Cali and all of my previous clients for taking the time to find photos of Ann on location and send them to me. Ann’s proudest moment was Officiating Cali’s Wedding while Cindy and I were in California last October.Ann was quite young to die in her sleep but, Heaven needed an Angel. Sadly, Ann leaves behind two granddaughters, a grandson and her son, Anthony and daughter, Ashley. Nothing made Ann happier than children. My grandnieces, Maryssa and Makenna as well as my son and daughter in law all loved having Ann on location with us.

Monday afternoon while at my father’s house, the surprising news that he was dating someone he had met while at Wellbridge Psychiatric Hospital was somewhat shocking but, Cindy and I are thankful dad has someone to keep him company. So much so in fact that we are urging dad to move Geneve in with him. 

Geneve is going through a divorce and looking for work and he’s in a rambling home alone so, Cindy and I believe that if dad and Geneve can find happiness together, it’s a win for both him to have company and her to have a place to live. 

After all, that’s what friends are for. I had hoped that my dad would move my niece, Stephaney in but after going off her Bipolar One medication over and over for 16 years, dad like us is leery of having Steph under his roof. 

Cindy and I are losing hope in Stephaney getting back on her meds and back to working but, we are hopeful to get her into rehab next week. Over the last 9 months, Stephaney has been committed four times and whipped right through six jobs. We can’t continue to support her while supporting both of her twin daughters and relaying this fact is always cause for an argument lately.

Cindy has had full custody of Maryssa and Makenna (Stephaney’s twin daughters) since they were born nearly fourteen years ago. Since neither of their parents choose to pay their court ordered pay child support, all expenses for the twins fall on Cindy, her husband and my husband and I.

Fourteen years ago, Stephaney and Michael were ordered to pay the minimum requirement for child support of $100 for each child totaling $200 a month for Stephaney and $200 a month for Michael. 

To date, the arrears for both parents are well over $80k. I believe parents should have to pass a class for stability prior to having children. 

Couples continue to have children that their parents and grandparents are raising for them. The statistics of parents raising grandchildren are staggering. 

The financial strain of raising twins without benefit of child support is a significant and also, a juggling act for our families but, the twins are a priority to both of our families.

Cindy chose to save the twins fourteen years ago and I chose to help her. Although we had both hoped at some point their parents would pay their court ordered child support, it’s never happened. 

I had a request this week for FBOP (Federal Bureau Of Prisons) this week in Texarkana. FBOP Texarkana falls under TDCJ (Texas Department Of Criminal Justice) and therefore, requires a TDCJ Approved Officiant although Federal Prisons are in a separate category from State Run Prisons.

Since I have a full plate of commitments, my son will now cover Ann’s bookings of weddings the next few months. I have nineteen Prison Weddings the next few months as well as bookings at The Orchard, Belltower, and other traditional locations. 

Death is a Dark Stranger. No one expects death unless a lengthy illness prepares them for the final curtain call.

A few months ago, my ex husband died on a plane. I was thoroughly shocked by the news and although we couldn’t work through our marital issues, considered him a friend. 

It’s been a tough year of many unexpected and untimely deaths for me.

There will be no graveside ceremony for Ann as she was cremated and the Memorial is scheduled for Saturday. 

I’m going to be offline the next few days preparing for an unexpected Memorial and attempting to deal with the loss of someone who meant so much to so many.

Next week, I will be back on the road with Cindy headed to Texas Prisons and Belltower Chapel as well as The Orchard. 

It’s hard to move from the devastation of loss to the joy of a Wedding but, after all of these years, it’s a part of my life…