Appraisal Appointments, Funerals & Fundraisers..

My morning kicked off with a flurry of emails regarding the loss of my aunt who was also a twin.  June Sullens was a fireball of fun with a quick laugh and love of life and I’m not sure how her twin Jean will ever recover from the loss of her sister.

Just a few weeks ago, my aunt was the life of the party on the dance floor with her husband, Bill Sullens. 

Twins run in our family and Jean and June Sullens were the oldest living twins left so the loss of June was shocking and sudden.  I will cherish the many holidays spent skiing with their family on the numerous outings we shared but more than that- her smile, her spirit and her great sense of humor.

With my son moving in the next few weeks, I’ve been looking at houses in my spare time and trying to help him find one before preparing for the “big move” while scheduling Appraisal Appointments for my Pawning Planners clients and working on fundraising efforts for medical expenses with the Poteet Family.

Scheduled weddings and events are already filling my calendar into June and with this unexpected funeral rounding out the funeral of Aunt Eleanor two weeks ago and the loss of her son ŔaĽph a week later, the fragile nature of life hangs heavy in my heart.

Cindy and I constantly remind our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney that a twin is your best friend and a gift.  

Although they occasionally argue, as they grow older, they’ve learned that having compensating personalities isn’t unusual.  Maryssa loves make up and dressing up- Makenna hates it and considers herself a tomboy. 

 Cindy hates dressing up and prefers to be comfortable.  We continue to argue about this at events because my twin doesn’t think she needs to dress up to do photography and videography but that’s the twinlife with one being different than the other. 

Our aunts often dressed alike but Cindy hates my clothing choices and although we dressed alike when we were young, as adults we rarely do.  Maryssa and Makenna love dressing alike and have decided that even minor changes don’t work for them. 

 As Cindy and I both lose weight together to achieve our weight loss journey, we may choose to wear matching clothes this August at Twinsburg where we will meet hundreds of our twin friends from FB, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin because everyone dresses alike at this major twin event.

This morning I asked my son if he could officiate a wedding for me Saturday due to my funeral commitments and was surprised when he asked if Ann could do it because he prefers “to be the back up for me or if I’m too busy, Ann.” I argued about this because on rare occasions- clients request a male minister.  My son has decided that if that’s the case then he will officiate but has “figured out” that being the center of attention isn’t easy when you are addressing a room full of strangers.

A few months ago, I officiated a wedding on a C130 at Carswell AFB and continue to answer questions regarding the unique aspects regarding that event.  The truth is that a lot of paperwork and permission was required in order to “pull it off” and if you’re a service member, you will need to request assistance from a superior officer in order to follow the protocol required to have a wedding on base and especially on a military plane. 

I never know where my next event will take place and often move from an exclusive venue to a park or backyard due to the distinct differences between Texas Twins Events Clients and The Pawning Planners Clients.  

One set of clients can afford everything for their event from the venue to the caterers to photographers.  The other set has no money for anything and barter for the expenses involved at their event.  The main difference between Texas Twins Events Clients and Pawning Planners Clients is money and the second difference is background and upbringing.

Cindy Daniel Helps Me Strip & Stain This Flipped Item For Texas Twins Treasures
As we mourn the loss of Aunt June and prepare to celebrate her life, I’m glad to have a full schedule to occupy my mind as I recognize that the fear of losing a twin haunts all twins and multiples- it’s something rarely discussed on social media unless one of our friends loses “their other half.”

Twins and multiples share a very unique relationship and although we have compensating personalities- we are closest to our mirror image than perhaps anyone else in our lives. 

 Cherish your family and friends because none of us know when our lives here on earth may end…

Wendy Wortham