Am I Available To Officiate In Cities Or States Outside Fort Worth & Texas? Yes!

It’s not well known that I’m licensed in numerous states outside of Texas.  Not being one to do anything without “going all in,” my original concept was to travel to other cities and states with my team to accommodate requests for a wedding minister or coordinator or my photography team.  Why limit yourself to one state? 

Yesterday my step sister Tammy called to ask if I would officiate her daughter’s wedding in September because she knew I was licensed in California.  Luckily, Cindy and I plan to be in California this September so it will be an honor to officiate a wedding for my niece.

Cindy and I were separated from Tammy after our dad divorced my mom.  At 6 years old it would be twenty years before I found Tammy again after losing her for so many years. 

 When my son married several years ago, I flew Tammy and her fiancée Rob to Fort Worth to attend my son’s wedding. Since then, we have re-established our relationship with Tammy and her family.

 We try to visit with my sister and her husband whenever we fly into LAX.  Our visits to Lompoc are filled with going through old photos and catching up on the latest news with our “California Family.”  Cindy and I have very few photos of our childhood which is why she takes daily photos of her three granddaughters.

Although I’m sure Tammmy is worried about the expenses involved with a wedding- I’ve assured her that creating the bouquets and bouteniers along with officiating and handling photography will save her quite a bit of money and not to worry too much.  Cindy and I are looking forward to helping Tammy with this wedding and our mini me twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney will be acting as flower girls.  

 Over the years I’ve officiated weddings in Arkansas, Oklahoma and numerous cities in Texas but normally, clients wanting me to officiate in another state are required to cover travel expenses as well as my officiant fee.  If you need photography- travel expenses for my photography team along with their fee structures must be paid two weeks prior to your event date. 

My Photography Team-Stephanie & Robert Hafele
 When you are planning a wedding or event in another state- I will help you find the most economical rates for travel expenses to keep your costs low.  Prior to LBGT weddings becoming legal in Texas, it wasn’t unusual for my team and I to travel to Oklahoma on a regular basis.

Bambi Morgan Dream Event- Floral Designs & Chalkboards On Loan From Wendy Wortham Photography Courtesy Of Texas Twins Events
Arkansas Wedding In Client’s Home With Flower Girls Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
San Antonio, Texas Wedding
Austin, Texas Wedding-I Was Sharing A Laugh With This Fun Loving Couple We Provided The Flowers, Wedding Dress, Tie & Dress Shirt Along With The Wedding Cake & Photography After Learning Their Home Was Destroyed In A Fire To Ensure A Beautiful Ceremony
Last year Jeff Mosier of The Dallas Morning News asked “what was one of your most difficult weddings to pull together on a tight budget?” Lol- we have had a few but The Williams Dream Event was probably the hardest and most involved wedding we’ve pulled off as a team.

When you are providing everything from the cakes to the flower girls clothes, to the table and chairs, to the champagne and flutes, to the beautiful fascinator hats that were handcrafted by my sister Cindy to all of the wedding flowers while officiating and orchestrating the event with your team who handled photography- The Lisa and Terry Williams Wedding is at the top of my above and beyond list but (based on individual circumstances) my family and I will go to nearly any lengths for families when we can.  Also, if you look closely at the cake- it’s easy to see how the a/c going on the fritz made it appear “droopy.”  The grooms cake held up well after the cake table collapsed and having 3 hours to transform a karate studio into a wedding venue with everything going wrong at the same time had my team and I at our wits end.  Rushing to get everything ready on time only added to the stress level but we did it as a team.

Over the past 6 years there have been a handful of families who needed more than borrowing flowers, photography or a wedding dress and if we had what they needed in hand- we loaned it to them. 

Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham
Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham
Wedding Cake, Stand & Decorations Provided By Wendy Wortham-Notice The Once Beautiful Cake Tipping Over? The A/C Going Out After The Cake Table Collapsed Nearly Gave Me A Heart Attack. I Want Everything Perfect Although Lisa & Terry Didn’t Notice
Photography Courtesy Of Texas Twins Events Team
Clothing & Flower Baskets Provided By Wendy Wortham-Unique Fascinator Headbands Created & Provided By Cindy Daniel
Hillsboro, Texas- Floral Designs On Loan, Complimentary Photography Courtesy Of Texas Twins Events
Fort Worth, Texas- “In A Pinch-I Also Do Photography”

Traveling to other cities and states expands our client bases for Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners.

I’m hoping our sister, Tammy “opts for” a beach wedding but as I work with her to find ways to save money, the location will be based on the number of guests and since she’s trying to keep the ceremony and reception in the same location- the beach is looking better and better for this wedding!

I’m so glad that Cindy and I are on a weight loss journey already so we can look our best for the wedding. 

The Pawning Planners-Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel Twin Sisters
This morning I reviewed an email regarding “The Harvey Family Adventure” for my dedicated followers who don’t  remember this unexpected hiccup at the Botanic Garden, I’m attaching the blog link-Here, There & Everywhere With The Harvey Family!  My step daughter Ann had told a friend about the lengths I’m willing to go to ensure a wedding isn’t ruined and she took time out of her day to email me regarding my going “above and beyond” my role as a wedding officiant to effectively- get the job done.  The truth is, the military family had very little time to get married and I had to think on my feet.  Being willing to find a good location isn’t always the “norm.”  However, if the situation ever comes up again, I have a list of area parks on hand so I don’t have to drive around for a few hours finding a good “spot” for a wedding! 

The Harvey Family Had No Flowers Which Is Why I Created A Floral Inventory. I Also Brought A Camera And Took The Photos Myself So They Would Have Them.
While it’s true that I have occasionally provided clothing to clients, it should be noted that if you are planning to borrow clothing, availability is limited to what I have in stock.

Since the question of how I’m willing to do anything comes up a lot- I’m going to tell you that failure has never been an option regarding an event I’m involved with.  Whether you booked through Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners- we are willing (and capable) of overcoming unexpected “incidents” at our events. 

From bee stings to bug bites and bloody noses or even a hungover member of the wedding party, we’ve overcome any issue because we refused to let something unexpected spoil a Life Event for my client base.

Overcoming the unexpected wasn’t always easy but it was essential in order to develop our reputation of going above and beyond by doing things that anyone else would’ve panicked about.  

We don’t panic or run away from a problem on location- we put our heads together and find a workable solution!

My saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel started bringing her sewing kit and first aid kit to events years ago after her granddaughter, Makenna had an allergic reaction while acting as a flower girl at my wedding.  Red welts on her face were due to the flowers and vegetation at the Botanic Gardens but it was something we couldn’t have anticipated so we learned to bring anything and everything that might be needed to events.

On 3 occasions, I had clients who had hired a floral vendor but needed to borrow my inventory (that I always bring just in case) when boutenniers were lost, they couldn’t find anything to pin them on with or a bouquet was damaged or forgotten.  We think of everything so you don’t have to!

I have staff “on call” just in case we arrive at your event and don’t have something you are panicking about on hand.  Virginia and Ann hane made “emergency runs” to Walnart and grocery stores for champagne and other items when we arrived and asked if we “happened to have this or that.”

Learning to pack and prepare everything and anything in my workroom always involves a list so I don’t forget the “usual items” that may or may not be needed.  I think of everything so my clients don’t have to.

As I run off to an Appraisal Appointment with Cindy (who is pretty excited because the client mentioned hoarding), I’m excited about this California wedding and really looking forward to it. 

 For all of our twins, friends and followers wondering if we are bringing the Little Pawners with us to Twinsburg in August- you betcha and we may have a wedding while we are in Ohio which should be a lot of fun too.

Maryssa and Makenna are as excited about meeting ya all as we are and since Cindy and I are halfway to our goal of losing 40 lbs each, we are planning to step up our workout routines to ensure we are looking our best 😉  


Always Ready For Adventures-Little Pawners Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
 For out of state weddings or events- please give me a minimum of 60 days notice to ensure we can work it into our schedule- we travel baby! 

Wendy M Wortham