A Wedding at a Nudist Colony? Even I Can Be Surprised Occasionally…

This afternoon I took a call from a man requesting my services and stating “everyone will be nude.”  Thinking my connection was going out on my cell phone I asked to verify “everyone will be rude?”  Surely he had not just informed me that “everyone will be nude?” 

Speaking more clearly, the man repeated we need a Minister at a wedding located within a nudist colony outside of the city and everyone will be nude.  The guests, the couple, everyone.  Hmm, everyone except me that is! 

Just when I think I’ve heard everything- I have to think about this “gig” long and hard prior to replying “okay but, it’s going to be $350 firm and I’m bringing my own security as well as wearing clothes because I refuse to perform a ceremony nude.”

When you deal with the public and offer a service, you’re going to get a few odd requests but this one is on the top of my list.  My husband often watches a cartoon called Family Guy and vaguely remembered a similar scenario only the participants were wearing leaves.

People come to me with their “vision” of how they want everything to be and I work hard to meet their needs while offering low cost services and ceremonies.  For those still unable to pay for services, we offer the ability to barter your bridal needs at The Pawning Planners.

Now, I have worn costumes at events and kept the “theme” going at a Beauty and the Beast themed affair and later this summer will again at an Alice in Wonderland themed event but, themed events are more costly and involved.  If you wish for me to wear a costume- it’s at your expense and not my own.  “Dressing Up” is not a normal occurrence to a Minister or Wedding Officiant and many will decline due to what they deem “unusual circumstances.”  I am very open minded and accommodate numerous “odd requests” because I care about your story and, more importantly, your “vision” of how you want your event to look.

If your circumstances are deemed “special” or “awkward” the price of my services goes up to accommodate your request for numerous reasons but mainly, because the booking now becomes a “special order.”  Meaning it is not customary or ordinary within my scope of duties.

This afternoon I reviewed an email requesting a wedding officiant on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is viewed as a holiday and the distance (round trip) was 2 1/2 hours for me to drive.  With less than three days until the ceremony- I would normally include a rush fee.  After considering the circumstances and the unlikely possibility of this couple finding someone to accommodate them on a holiday and, on short notice I decided to offer my services for  $125 which is far less than my competitors would even consider and the client became belligerent, Stating that “it would only take me 15 minutes.”  As usual, the prospective client felt he was making the rules.

The problem is I make my own rules and I don’t have to take any job to pay the bills around here- my husband does that for me in order for me to pursue things that I enjoy.

I created three very unique businesses that help hundreds of families but what I don’t and will never do again is work with folks who have a bad attitude from the “get go.”

My time is valuable to me and if you are coming to me for help, you might want to leave the salt at home and bring the honey.  Attitude is everything when you are agreeing to commit yourself to a project.

I’m particular about whom I choose to help and their unique story and have worked 30 years in retail so I understand what it’s like “out there” in the consumer world.  I’ve dealt with plenty of demanding and narcisstic customers throughout my career who often called when I was not at work for warranty issues.  Yes, I took the calls at 10PM and later with my husband grumbling the entire time and “fixed” everyone’s problems.  The problem was that by fixing their problems, my stress level was often based on going “above and beyond” my pay grade when I was working on salary rather than commission.

But, I no longer punch a clock and work for the man.  Instead, I work for myself and the families that appreciate me.  For all the other folks who wish to snap their fingers and have “everybody jumping” to accommodate them, you should he aware my friend that “convenience is expensive!”  If you want it quickly, it’s even more expensive.  If you want to get ugly and demanding- I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

I’m at a point in my life where I enjoy my work and will not put myself through the drama and disaster of working with anyone ever again who is difficult and a diva.  Frankly, I’ve put too many years into trying to please all of the people all of the time and decided to focus on the families that truly are worthy of not only my help but also the help of my team.

Wendy M Wortham