Socially Distant Ceremonies From My Balcony? Yes, I’m Working From Home Ya All…

Since Tarrant County issued a stay in place order, my clients as well as myself have been making a number of changes. We’ve had to. Their previous ceremonies had been scheduled at venues that are now closed to the public.

For a week I was driving to meet clients and marrying them from my vehicle parked next to theirs. The stay in place changed that. They now pull up in my driveway while I officiate from my upstairs balcony.

I’m going to be honest and say that I never saw the changes to my life, my schedule or my work that have taken place occurring. Who would?

But, like a duck I’ve adapted to a number of changes to get the job done. I’ve stocked up on bottles of champagne to hand out to newlyweds along with bouteniers and wrist corsages I’ve created from silk flowers in my warehouse. I’ve decorated my home with silk spring flowers since I haven’t had time to do my usual planting this year. I’m adjusting. I’m in a new territory. I also have nosy neighbors watching a line of cars that are witnessing a wedding ceremony in my driveway.

Some of these vehicles are passers by while others are friends and family of my couples.

There isn’t a lot of action on Byers Ave other than at WorthamWorld. Everyone is staying safe staying in place.

Prior to switching to weddings from my balcony, I was driving here, there and everywhere to meet clients in parking lots of the venue they had planned to marry at.

I’ve also stood alone conducting funeral ceremonies while mourners sat in their vehicles watching me conduct the ceremony.

My life has been one change after the next. Predictability has literally flown out the window these days.

Wardens and Chaplains are calling to begin scheduling at Units in Texas next month. I have 52 clients awaiting new dates while anxiously checking the date of issuance on their marriage licenses. Stay calm. Reschedules are already occurring.

Should your license expire while awaiting a date at a Unit, I will split the cost of a new license with you.

As the weekend rolls around, my Friday has 4 couples in my driveway tomorrow.

A few will have a number of friends or family curbside watching their loved ones marry with a sign out front to either sit where they like or stand while my neighbors watch from the comfort and safety of their homes or yards.

I’m an experienced public speaker but I could have never expected to be speaking from my balcony. The times are changing during this crisis and working from home is one of the many changes I’ve adjusted to…