Texas Prison Weddings Trademark & TDCJ Weddings With Wendy Wortham…

Months ago, I paid for and filed a Trademark filing of the name, Texas Prison Weddings.

During the same window, another individual who failed to follow the same legal guidelines began using the identical mark Texas Prison Weddings. 

While waiting on MY Trademark, the number of times this individual continues to use the name is shocking but, ignorance isn’t an adequate defense of law. 

All of my businesses are trademarked and copyrighted because I follow strict procedure but, we live in a world where everyone else feels entitled to rights they haven’t earned.

The use of photos, blogs, creative content or any other intellectual property owned by me is strictly prohibited. My clients photos are owned wholly and solely by me.

Unless you’ve spoken with me directly or went through a Wendy Wortham website, you may very well question why someone not affiliated with either me or any of my companies continued to use a name or brand when they are assuredly not entitled to do so? 

Because of this ongoing insanity by a person not affiliated to me and the continued misuse of my intellectual property, I’m once again clarifying that I went to the expense and trouble to secure this name and adding verification by including the link to Trademarkia– Texas Prison Weddings- Wendy M Wortham.

Why others think it’s okay to misrepresent a brand as their own I have no idea but, I do know this, Trademark and Copyright Infringement continue to be a problem to others including me–Trademark Infringement What Is It?

I’m often surprised at the number of companies who fail to Trademark or even Copyright their brand but, I see it happen frequently. 

I purchased the mark solely because I’m a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Approved Officiant and regularly perform marriage ceremonies across Texas as well as other states with Texas being my primary location to Officiate Prison Weddings. 

How or why anyone would feel entitled to use a name they haven’t gone to the trouble or expense to earn the privilege of using, I have no idea. 

Truthfully, by wrecklessly using someone else’s property, a lawsuit is often the “wake up call” that uninformed individuals need.

You can’t climb the ladder of success on someone else’s coat tails…