Traveling From TDCJ Hodge Unit To TDCJ Beto & Back To Fort Worth To A Collapsed Ceiling…

I’m always driving from Point A to Point B or meeting Clients so, my SUV is one of my most treasured possessions. My King Henry Desk is the second. I’ve loved this rare piece from the minute I found it.

While spending hours driving last week, coming home to what sounded like a giant tree falling in the forest, the last thing I expected was for the attic to cave in on my home office but, it happened. Nobody plans for a disaster to happen at home but, thank the Lord my grandnieces or feisty Beagle, Foxy were out of their favorite playroom.

Juggling all of my Clients as well as deliveries for Texas Twins Treasures to prepare for two destination events in California, having my entire house is a state of chaos prior to leaving next Friday for LA is a bit of challenge but, my husband and I are “hanging in there.”

It’s going to be a lengthy process because I’m out of the state with my Texas Twins Events Team not once but twice in the next three weeks. Thankfully, my husband is a builder and developer with a flexible schedule to meet the insurance adjusters, the clean up crews, the contractors and everyone else walking into out once perfect home that now has plastic sheets in doorways and air filtering fans decorating every room.

My TDCJ Hodge Bride, Tamitha had found me after a horrible experience with another Officiant. Another Bride, Tia had the same problem. I cannot stress this enough ya all, hire someone you can trust. It’s going to save you stress and money.

“Trust is a priceless commodity in today’s society.” Do your homework. I have never been late. I will never be late. I leave over 2 hours earlier than necessary to a scheduled event and, if I don’t answer my phone, I am either already with a Client or at an Event but, I return calls and emails within a 1-3 hour window based on my schedule. Hire someone worthy of your trust and more importantly, your Life Event.

Over the last year, I’ve helped 19 Clients who had initially entrusted someone else only to find months later that they trusted the wrong person before finding me to Officiate their Texas Prison Wedding. The problem? They hired and trusted the wrong TDCJ Officiant, Coordinator, or Funeral Clergy.

By the time the other 19 TDCJ Brides found me to Officiate their Texas Prison Wedding, they were beyond upset because they had wasted time and money on the “other Officiant.” A few were crying when they contacted me which deeply saddened me. I worked with all of these Brides AND deeply discounted their fees in order to prove that there are people who care namely, ME.

That’s right. I helped them because I cared about their journey. I cared that they had been through a traumatic experience that shouldn’t have ever happened and, I encouraged them to file a complaint with the TDCJ Courts in Huntsville.

If you are a TDCJ Bride or Groom and in a similar situation, file a Complaint to stop this from happening to others. For obvious reasons, these people lost not only money but also their faith simply because they trusted someone they shouldn’t have.

My clients are a priority. Their journey matters to me and, I’m honored to share their Life Event.

Many of my TDCJ Clients never actually “planned” on marrying at a Texas Prison but, that shouldn’t put them at a disadvantage simply because their situation is unique.

I’m also an LBGT Friendly Event Vendor and offer year round discounts to not only Police, Fire and Military but also to my LBGT Clients. Why? I’ve had friends in the community for most of my life.

My friends in the community compromise nearly half of all bookings from Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners, Texas Prison Weddings and Texas Twins Treasures.

My referral business from LBGT Clients as well as TDCJ Clients is so strong that I haven’t advertised in YEARS. Why? I couldn’t handle the additional business nor could four generations of my family either. We are BOOKED SOLID.

Many thanks to all who have been kind enough to refer your friends, family, and coworkers to us. God Bless You for your loyalty.

Tamitha was one of those Brides. I made sure that her day at TDCJ Hodge Unit was as special as she was. After leaving the Unit, I found an old caboose and unloaded my SUV with the usual array of bouquets, bubbles, flower petals and fun before heading to my next booking in Tennessee Colony.

I was thankful to have my trusty SUV back from the dealership after leaving TDCJ Hodge Unit two weeks ago and accidentally running over a flying hood on the freeway. Damage to my vehicle is a regular occurrence on back roads to Texas Prisons.

I’ve been through 7 windshields in 2 years of driving to Texas Prisons on backroads. From rocks to flyimh workboots and even a flying hood, damage to my vehicle has become expected for me. I’m no longer surprised to see nearly anything flying at me!

Although the flying hood didn’t blow out my tires, it did damage the undercarriage of my SUV which was a setback but luckily, Cindy and I simply used her SUV to load up items at Appraisal Appointments for Pawning Planners Clients and make our usual deliveries for Texas Twins Treasures while running across Texas to meet Clients. Twinning is winning ya all!

My beautiful Brides at TDCJ Coffield Unit were stacked one right after the other and I really enjoyed having extra time with Tia for her bridal photography after she too had endured months of hiring someone else who had given her the run around.

By the time Tia found me, she was devastated about being lied to by someone else. I changed all that for her and gave her the ceremony she had always planned on. We had a great time together with the fun and laughter she deserved to make her day special.

Sadly, the photos from Tia’s Ceremony cut off her husbands head which upset her but, she had 3 out of 5 good photos and since I always buy 2-3 myself at Units, I bought the “bad photos” so Tia could keep the better ones. Guards aren’t professional photographers.

Some Units, like Hodge and Estes take amazing photos that thrill my Clients while others don’t which is why I offer Complimentary Photography.My second Bride was very upset about the glass separating her from her husband but, if the inmate is behind glass at visitation, they stay behind glass at the wedding.

She was pretty nervous about the glass but, we worked through it together. Next week, I’m stacked with 4 Brides at one Unit and 2 Grooms at another. “Stacking” is actually how I’m able to perform up to 6 Ceremonies at the same Unit on the same day.

Arriving home to WorthamWorld to change out of my suit after a long day of driving in Texas Heat, I was working on a ceremony at Bell Tower Chapel and incorporating an Interfaith Ceremony at the last minute when my husband called me into the main family area of our home.

Had I been sitting at my prized King Henry desk at the time, I would be in a hospital now. By the grace of God, I had left my home office mere seconds before the attic and insulation fell through into my office, on my furniture, dry bar, and everything in between.

The sound was deafening. I couldn’t understand if it was someone driving through our garage or a Tornado.

It took a few moments of running around my home to find the cause of the crash. First, the before photos show my perfectly set up office. My three grandnieces and my feisty Beagle, Foxy all love my home office. The second set of photos are the after pics. The mess was shocking and my husband and I were coughing up insulation and dust before running to close off the office with double doors from the kitchen main hall and front hall.

I’ve never had anything like this happen before although during the Texas Tornado, all of my windows were blown completely out.For an OCD person, overlooking this mess isn’t easy but, I’m booked solid and thankfully, my husband has a flexible schedule to meet insurance adjusters, workers and cleaning crews the next two weeks to two months.

How or why the ceiling caved in I have no clue but, I’m looking forward to things getting back to normal as soon as possible.

I’m at several Units, venues, Client homes and other commitments the next few weeks as well as traveling with my twin sister, Cindy, twin grandnieces, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney and my nieces, Leigh Ann and Stephaney with my youngest grandniece, Madyson so, new bookings are being moved to November.

Traveling with my home in a state of repair isn’t appealing but, I’m really looking forward to being able to find things again after my husband gets everything put back together.

As a developer and home builder his entire life, my husband, Matthew was as surprised as I was with this unexpected disaster but, we’ve been through other unexpected events.

Years ago, golf ball sized hail nearly destroyed our homes entire roof and took out all of the landscaping which wasn’t covered by our homeowner insurance. I never knew this until of course, I tried to claim all of the brushes and plants that made the entrance to our home beautiful.

I still miss our custom home, pool and five bathrooms but, we only need 3 bathrooms for the two of us and the twins or Cindy when they stay over for the weekend. The pool though, was my favorite part of our other home. I do miss it. I don’t miss the maintenance or the expense but, I do miss the sparkling water winking at me even in the winter months.

If you ever build a pool, get a heater so you can use it year round. We used that pool all year long because my husband had that heater added.

Thankfully, we had insurance to cover the damages so, hopefully, our lives will return to normal soon.

Can’t wait to see all of my upcoming Clients at Allred, Holiday, Polunsky, Stiles, Beto, Estes, Estelle and Michael Units in the next few weeks and really looking forward to our “girls trip” October 15th.

We will be flying to LAX September 28th and unavailable through October 2nd before returning again to Santa Barba, San Juan Capistano and San Diego for Destination Weddings and a visit back home to Lompoc to visit my sister Tammy…