Bride On A Budget? Try Bowling Alleys, Ballooons, DIY Bars & Other Cost Saving Ideas…

I’m always asked if there are any limits to planning a beautiful event. The only limit is your imagination when planning a fresh and fun wedding, baby shower, birthday party and more.

By adding personal touches to your event, you can work in items you may already have at home from old photos to old picture frames, incorporating what you already have on hand. 

From records to books to birdcages and old photo frames, anything goes.My first question to clients is “what’s your budget?” It’s an important question that gives me a better idea of what they can afford to spend and what I have on hand that I can loan them to pull an event together. 

If you want beautiful Brooch bouquets, we sell them but, they aren’t inexpensive. Bridal Bouquets start at $200 and if you plan to have your bridesmaids or maid of honor carry a Brooch Bouquet with silk roses, $100 and up based on the size and design. 

Floral orders require a deposit and 6-10 weeks delivery based on the season. Off season orders ship within 6-8 weeks while in season orders run 8-10 weeks.Planning your floral budget and including the Bouquets and Bouteniers along with centerpieces and other floral accents can get fairly expensive.Themed events are becoming popular but, they are far more expensive because you are forced to stay within the theme.

Movie themes work well because popcorn bars for the reception are inexpensive and fun. I love using balloons at Budget events because they are inexpensive and bring pops of color.Tutus make beautiful chair bows and bring a dash of fun to Princess Parties. Tying your reception together with DYI ideas is easy when you are on a budget. How? Pancake Bars, Donut Bars and even Cookie Bars are inexpensive additions that bring fun and creativity. Let your guests create their own cupcakes or choose their own candy.I love the option of iced tea or fruit punch for guests to serve themselves. Be sure to include lemonade too.Vegetable bars are an inexpensive alternative to meat and cheese bars and do better in Texas heat. Dip options should be served on ice if your event is outdoors.

Last year, one of my clients wanted a burger themed wedding. Finding a Bob’s Big Boy statue that someone was willing to lease to the event was a bit of an adventure but, I found one in Granbury for sale that the owner agreed to lease.We wound up doing a 50’s themed wedding with red, black and white polka dots and it turned out beautifully. 

Of course, the client had to pay to transport the statue to the event location but who else was going to have the famous Bob for a greeting at the reception?Your wedding colors don’t have to limit you to a full scale color scheme but, having your guests wear a color you’ve chosen for your event certainly ties everything together! 

Over the years, I’ve coordinated and officiated events at karate studios, bowling alleys, a C130 airplane, parks, churches, venues, parking lots and Prisons.The locations are as varied as you can imagine but, the location shouldn’t limit your imagination unless I’m marrying you at a Texas Jail or Prison. 

The Rules at Prisons prohibit ring exchanges, flowers and all of the other things that a traditional event offers. Because of this, all of my previous Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham Clients choose to do a Vow Renewal after the release of their loved one.

Baby’s Breath is popular because it’s such an inexpensive filler for floral designs and also because it works well on its own. If you don’t like the smell of Baby’s Breath, buy an inexpensive perfume and spritz the small flowers prior to your event.Votive candles can easily be purchased at the 99 Cent Store or Dollar Tree. Finding inexpensive ways to save money on what may or may not be a priority to use for other items that are a priority to your event is our specialty. 

Old books, old cameras, suitcases, and other recycled items work well for centerpieces and “mixing things up” from table to table gives your reception an eclectic and artsy tone. 

From do it yourself decorations to hiring someone to set up a Waffle Bar or Cash Bar, deciding what the most important or what’s worth splurging on is a great way to start your planning process. 

I love mixing things up and adding a variety of items to the decorations including umbrellas, bottles and mixed dishes. From something borrowed and blue to something recycled or picked up from the junk store, you can spray paint lanterns, old frames and more to tie them into your wedding colors…