How To Choose Your Wedding Officiant or Celebrant-We Offer Four Choices…

For nearly 7 years I’ve officiated and orchestrated hundreds of events but I’m often booked months in advance so I’ve recently added my son, Robert Hafele and step daughter, Ann Alexander and twin sister Cindy Daniel to our team to help out.

Yesterday a prospective client called to ask what makes each of us different and why are the rates higher for me and lower for Ann and Robert.  Well, the difference is that I’m the owner, event coordinator and head officiant but since Robert, Cindy and Ann are fairly new to officiating- their rates are lower than mine and the variation of $75-125.00 is because some clients want a wedding ceremony only while others need a rehearsal.

Not everyone needs a rehearsal but for those that do, this blog may be helpful-Wedding Rehearsals-What They Are & How They Work.

If you need more information, please feel free to contact me regarding which officiant will work best for you.

Wendy M Wortham