Saying “Yes” To A Dress Isn’t Easy- How To Find The “One” You Will Love…

If you’re like most women, you have one or two things you don’t love about your body.  Since I occasionally shop with brides to find the perfect dress, today’s blog is going to give you a few key insights to finding the one that will make you feel like the Goddess you are!  

Whether you have a muffin top or love handles or not-wedding dresses, evening gowns and clothing can celebrate your assets or downplay your flaws.

Older brides often don’t want to wear a dress that exposes their arms- try a few dresses that cover your upper arms and have slightly sheer sleeves. You will still feel beautiful and not insecure with your upper arms.

If you are pear shaped- look for a skirt that gradually flares out into an A from your natural waistline to the floor.  This will highlight the narrowness of your midsection and float over your hips and thighs. Be sure to choose a sturdier fabric that won’t stick to the areas you are uncomfortable about.

Large busted and want to showcase your assets?  A dress with a scooped neckline will open up your face and showcase you without showing too much cleavage.  Try choosing one that “dips” along the neckline rather than a “straight across” style. 


Plus sized?  An Empire dress with a skirt that begins just under your bust and flows to the floor will play up your shape.  Remember though, if it’s too loose; it will make you look larger.

Apple shape?  Avoid trumpet dresses that emphasize the area where your body is widest and flares out at the legs and knees where you are the most slender.

Many of us have “settled” for a dress we weren’t in love with and I’m one of them.  I ran out of time to find something I loved and hated the appearance of my arms but the worst part was the lack of support in the breast area that left me feeling “exposed.”  Ten years later, I still wish I had kept looking for a dress. 

Sometimes “settling” for a dress rather than continuing to look is the worst  decision that you will ever make!  I will always regret buying a dress that I didn’t love.  One day when I find the right dress, I plan to renew my vows and hopefully love my wedding photos rather than look at flaws and kick myself for buying something I wasn’t happy with.

Wendy & Matthew Wortham
After a twenty year career in modeling, I learned that if I “didn’t feel good” in something on the runway- I sold far less.  

Feeling good in what you’re wearing shows- if you feel great you look great!

Although I’m happy to meet with you and voice opinions regarding your favorites, the truth is that you must feel good in what you are wearing regardless what your friends & family or I think about the dress.  

Find something you feel glamorous and at least minimally comfortable in first then you can “tweak” your selection.

When I was selling Cadillac’s & Hummers from 2000-2004, choosing the right dress for my ads was key to a successful marketing and advertising campaign.  I often spent weeks searching for the perfect dress for a photo shoot.  

But, like my wedding dress, there were a few that I had to “find on the fly” that you can tell I wasn’t “thrilled” wearing by the look on my face.  Modeling a “rack” pulled by someone else who doesn’t know my taste because I couldn’t find a dress myself often left me feeling less than “glamorous.”

I Loved This Dress- The Color & The Cut Were Amazing
I Was Unhappy With This Skirt- It Made Me Feel Huge With The Free Flowing A Line
This Skirt Was Fun But It Wasn’t Flattering
I Was Uncomfortable With The Slit AND Overexposure On The Top Of This Gown
If you are going for a low cut style- skip the slit!  Leave a little to the imagination.

Finding the perfect dress should be more of a treasure hunt but make notes on what you liked about one dress along with what you didn’t like about the other.  Keep a journal of your “faves” and if possible, get photos and add to the journal to keep up with your likes and dislikes.

When you find “the one” you will know it and whether your friends like it or not—remember it’s your day not theirs!  Over the years I’ve had “moments” when I really felt good in a gown but it wasn’t an everyday occurence. 

Loved, Loved, Loved This Gown- Fit Like A Glove And The Flow Was Sexy & Fun
If you find something that makes you feel pretty, sassy & sexy- stick with that style and make sure that you’re comfortable sitting and standing (or even dancing).  Don’t just try a dress on without moving around in it or sitting down.

Wendy Wortham Cadillac XLR Ad 2004
Some ladies hate dresses and my twin sister loves them.  In everyday life, I’m almost always in pants. 

Two Sets Of Twins- The Pawning Planners
 We’ve been on a weight loss journey as a TwinTeam the past several months but like you, we didn’t have the time or the energy to lose weight for our weddings.  One day, we plan to renew our vows in a double wedding and wear the wedding dress of our dreams but it will be after we have achieved our weight loss goals.

Please don’t buy a dress too tight thinking that you will lose weight and be able to wear it- the stress and pressure to lose weight after the expense of your dress are a recipe for disaster. 

Love sneakers?  Wear them and go for comfort- you will be glad you did.  After all, who doesn’t love wedding photos with sass?!
Mermaid styles are elegant and dramatic if you have the figure to “pull it off.”  If you don’t, find something that celebrates your figure rather than suffocates you.

Belltower Chapel & Gardens
Villagio Resorts
Different Necklines For Bridesmaids? Yes- Every Woman Doesn’t “Fit” Into The Same Dress

Wearing a different color than white or ivory?  Why not?!  Bring your personality to your wedding and don’t be afraid to take risks. Own the color you love and surprise yourself with a power color.

Evening gowns are also far less expensive than a wedding dress so “changing things up” can save you money. 

A Train On Your Gown Or Not?
If you are marrying outdoors, a train will (most likely) be drug through gravel, dirt, and grass.  Consider going without the train if you aren’t marrying indoors.

 Fit and Flare?  You bet! I loved the corset on the wedding dress below.

Willow Lake Event Center Ramirez Wedding

What if I don’t want a wedding dress? Well, honey- wear whatever you want.  You don’t “have to” wear a wedding dress if you don’t want to.

Consider a casual affair and dress in something you are comfortable in.

Last year a prospective client contacted me regarding a wedding in a nudist colony.  Frankly, I refuse to officiate at a wedding where you are wearing nothing but your birthday suit.  However, there are officiants and coordinators out there that may consider honoring your request although I’m not one of them.

Donated dresses or Property Of Wendy Wortham/Texas Twins Treasures provided on loan as a courtesy to clients booked through The Pawning Planners cannot be altered unless you purchased the dress.  Cleaning for loaned gowns is a requirement and payment is due prior to loaning the dress.

I hope this blog gives you direction and creative ideas for the dress of your dreams and encourage you to spend plenty of time searching for a winner…

Wendy M Wortham