Unexpected Hospital Visits With The Usual Hilarity & Sarcastic Comments…

Yesterday afternoon, my saucy sidekick Cindy Daniel was having difficulty breathing after choking on a hamburger the day before.  Apparently, the hamburger particles had settled in her chest and caused an infection.  Finding Cindy speechless after 50 years is rare and I realized that a visit to the ER would be necessary to get her checked out.  Never mind the fact that hamburgers are not on a our diet. 

Stephaney Mahaney & Cindy Daniel On Location
 My father called to find out what was going on after I checked in at Harris Hospital on FB.  He decided to come up and check on my sister along with Tammi and Samantha Leggett, Ann Alexander, Stephaney Mahaney and Angela Rodden- yes, we always have a “posse.”

Following my sister to surgery, my dad lost his balance and fell which left me running from Cindy in surgery to my dad in the ER.  The posse split up and took turns from the surgery waiting room to the ER. My dad refused to be admitted and later decided to drive himself home.  This wasn’t the first time that we’ve had a “two-fer” hospital visit ya all.  A few years ago while attempting to jab Cindy with an epiphen after a hornet sting, it went through my thumb and landed us both in the emergency room.  

When our “Little Pawners” were born 12 years ago, we spent months in the hospital due to Maryssa having lung issues and Makenna having heart issues.  When my son and nieces were younger- we also spent a lot of time at hospitals with my son having recurrent ear infections and allergy issues and my nieces in and out of emergency rooms due to allergies and accidents. 



Over the years- you could say my entire family have spent a lot of time buddied up in hospital waiting rooms and/or hospital rooms.Several months ago, our cousins and uncles were all at Harris Hospital downtown for my Aunt Shirley’s bypass surgery and prior to that, my dads bypass surgery.  It would appear that hospitals are often a venue for family reunions! 

 I recently wrote a blog regarding accidents and injuries regarding dog bites, falls and other crazy “incidents” because I never know what’s going to happen next-Bumps, Bruises and Broken Bones.

As I wait on my sister to be released, she (as usual) leans over to whisper a #Cindyism to “sum up the situation” by saying “Don’t let life’s situations detour your destination!” 

Refusing a wheelchair and claiming that she plans to run out of the hospital, we are both shocked and surprised that our primary care physician, Dr Todd Richwine made a visit to see Cindy early this morning while she was completely unprepared for “company” with her weave laying on the bedside table and her panties in a bag that I had taken home last night!  On the floor near the bed was my niece Stephaney Mahaney’s purse with a pack of Camels and a pack of Marlborough Smooth 100’s. Eyeing the purse, Dr Richwine looked at my sister and advised her that smoking wasn’t going to help her- my gosh I’m sorry I missed that visit- Bahaha!

Running home to grab my vestment and snacks for the wedding feast this evening, I’m always laughing with my family at the “bumps” we buckle up for and appreciate the prayers and support from our FB friends that we consider extended family- much love to ya all.

Wendy M Wortham