Ghost Walking At The Baker Hotel- Travels of the Texas Twins…

The Little Pawners had an interesting idea for fun and adventure on their Spring Break this year, a visit to the Baker Hotel for the famous “Ghost Walk.” 

Loading up both of our suv’s, Cindy and I brought her husband, Steve and her daughter Leigh Ann along for an evening of adventure through the sleepy little town of Mineral Wells, Texas.

This tour was informative not only regarding the Baker Hotel but also numerous other haunted areas in town.  Thirty people followed along with us and everyone took photos, lots and lots of photos! 

 Admission is $15 for adults and $10 for children but is well worth the price to hear not only the ghost stories but also the history of the town. 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney brought their flashlights along with cell phones to take photos and hung on every word from the tour guide. 

 I was fascinated that the 9ft pool appeared to be full of water and bewildered as to how something so majestic could sit unattended and falling apart for so many years.  What had happened to this once regal hotel? 

Perhaps had this hotel been in a city where there were sure to be clients interested in visiting and/or staying the economy might have driven investors to spend the money necessary to refurbish it?  For years I’ve heard tales of investors coming to refurbish but Jane yet to see any real signs of construction.

The story of the Baker Hotel behind in 1922, when the citizens of Mineral Wells, concerned that non citizens were profiting off the growing game of mineral water raised $150k in an effor to build a large hotel facility owned by local shareholders.  Hotel magnate Theodore Brasher Baker enlisted architect Wyatt C. Hedrick who based the hotel design on the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs.

In 1972, the Baker Hotel closed its doors for the last time and though several groups have made efforts to rehabilitate the structure (the most recent in 2008), the building sits vacant and deteriorating from the ravages of nature and constant threats of vandalism.

Featured on Ghost Adventures December 7, 2012, this hotel is listed at the top of haunted hotels and the Ghost Tour has celebrated 5 years as one of the top ghost walks in Texas.

There are several stories of ghosts and hauntings at the Baker Hotel.  A porter who worked there during the 1950’s and 60’s was the first known witness to the woman in the 7th floor.  She was possibly the mistress of the hotel manager.  Distraught from her affair she jumped to her death from the top of the building.  Many have reported smelling her perfume and flirtatious behavior with men she may fancy.

Opening and closing of windows is often noticed by the bank tellers across the street from the hotel.  

I took a photo from the street which showed a light on in one of the rooms which would be impossible since there is no electricity. 

 The twins loved their unique adventure and want to plan more ghost walks after visiting the Baker Hotel.  If this hotel is ever reopened, my family will be the first to call and reserve several rooms.

My other niece, Stephaney was dissapointed she missed this adventure along with my daughter in law Stephanie Hafele so it looks like another evening of adventure awaits my Texas Twins Events Team.

Wendy M Wortham