Redheads & Rednecks- The Pawning Planners Plan A Hillbilly Family Reunion…

My saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel often shocks me with her unique ideas and theories regarding party planning around here. 

Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners
We recently had a few fairly unique inquiries on my sister site No Money- No Problem- We Take Trades! Meet The Pawning Planners that Cindy is really looking forward to meeting these prospective clients and digging through their trash to find a Texas Twins Treasure.  Cindys husband, Steve Daniel (like Cindy) can talk to just about anybody about anything and enjoys visiting with our clients immensely since they enjoy listening to his childhood stories about visiting the Dairy Queen and riding his bike to the river with his cousins.  Steve Daniel had a wonderful childhood filled with wonderful memories and even we enjoy his interesting and hilarious memories.  Steve isn’t too “interested” in having his clothes match which has folks doing “double takes” at his often loud outfits. 
My Brother In Law, Steve Daniel

Cindy is game for just about any adventure but specifically our latest “Hillbilly HoeDown” request from a couple living in the country.   Suggesting Coke Cans for hair rollers and numerous other hilarious “themes” my twin sister is unfiltered on just about any subject and, calls herself a hillbilly. 


 From farm equipment to falling down houses in the country- we will consider any trade and bring the family with us to appraise your trade.  Traveling to the country often brings a few laughs, especially when we take the wrong dirt road and wind up with hunters wondering what we are doing on their property.  

Today after finally locating the trailer to find a flip for services in June, we made this video from my SUV The Pawning Planners to detail why we require proof the item your submitting for a trade actually belongs to you.  

Cindy is fearless and often overcomes objections regarding being on private property and can quickly “turn” the tables and have the offended hunters posing for photos with us because she dang near get along with anybody! 

 As we leave a trailer park in Parker County after trying to find anything of value with ten cats running around, it’s a good thing she does have a great sense of humor because many of our adventures deserve a good laugh when we meet total strangers and try to find a way to make their Dream Event a reality by taking a trade that we will either “quick flip” which means no refurbishing needed or repair the item to get it ready for listing at Something New Everyday- Visit My Treasure Chest At Texas Twins Treasures!

Funding for families with no money comes from selling their items to pay for expenses and compensate my team.  Finding something “flip worthy” isn’t always as easy as you may think but a few of our clients are as interesting as the items they want to trade now and then.

No two families are alike and my client base is effectively a “melting pot” of very unique individuals who all shared a common bond of little or no money but a desire for a beautiful event. 

 These families all reached out to me having no money and with nowhere else to turn.  All of them borrowed my inventory of bouquets and boutenniers along with photography and even with a hiccup here and there on location, had a beautiful event and photos to enjoy the memories we helped them make by changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas.

I understand their frustration at finding affordable alternatives because I faced  the same challenges when my son married five years ago which is why I decided to start this business and reach out to others who (like me) had no idea where to find help with little or no money.

Unless you’ve struggled to give your son or daughter a wedding or family reunion or even a memorial or baptism with no money- it’s difficult to comprehend the paycheck to paycheck families who are doing their best to keep a roof over their heads.

Having “walked a mile in their shoes,” my family and I are committed to changing that and making events affordable to anyone regardless of their income. 

Two Sets of Texas Twins- Makenna Mahaney, Wendy Wortham, Maryssa Mahaney & Cindy Daniel
 They don’t call us the Wedding Warriors for nothing folks…

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