Do your own make up? You betcha! Experiment and have fun

Today, my daughter in law Stephanie Hafele called early to request a hand painted masquerade mask.

Although I’ve never tried my hand at this, I sat my coffee down and googled several photos to get the idea.

Starting with an eyeliner pencil at the tip of her nose, I drew up and over her eyes and then, came up under her eyes to start the look.

Spider webbing the design across her eyes and into her hairline went relatively quickly and, is very inexpensive!

Coming back over her eyes, I drew the mask right into her eyelids just prior to adding the false eyelashes. Be careful with the glue, too much and it will run into your eyes.

Going across the entire mask with a powder purple eyeshadow carefully pulled this look together.

Make up can be fun, experiment with your look while you have a block of time available and, remember it’s easy to start over if you are unhappy with the results.

Make up remover cloths are essential for your hands and, a q-tip will easily wipe away any mishaps.