Pet Funerals Give Closure to Families, Texas Twins Events & Reverend Wendy Wortham Pet Memorials

An animals love is the purest form of love that there is. They do not see our mistakes, and they never judge us. To them we are perfect, and to us they are perfect. They bring us joy, comfort, protection, loyalty, companionship, and most of all love.

Pets enrich our lives in many ways. I responded to an email requesting a pet funeral for a horse yesterday, the owner was having a great deal of difficulty funding a minister to oversee the memorial for his beloved pet.

My dear and loyal readers know that no matter how eccentric the requests that I receive, my goal is to grant you comfort in times of crisis and loss. A pet is a member of your family whether it’s a cat, dog, horse or pig.

When it is time for you to meet again, it will be the most previous of reunions! Your pets will be healthy and happy and, so will you. There will be happy tears and wagging tails, lots of hugs and kissing. After all, your pet was a part of your family that will never be forgotten.

I have numerous ways of honoring the memory of your family friend at a pet funeral.

My opening is an announcement of the purpose for the ceremony:

“We are here today to celebrate the life and memory of (pets name). Thank you for coming to share this special time. It is a time of sadness that (he/she) is no longer with you in physical form, but also a time to remember all of the wonderful times you’ve shared together.”

A memory candle lighting in honor of the pet is often a cherished moment for families seeking closure.

The prayer can be altered and catered to your specific wishes.

Giving the family an opportunity to share stories is also an important element, please feel free to recall a story or funny memory.

My benediction is an overview of the ceremony:
“(Pets name) has taught you the meaning of love and friendship that will never be forgotten. Although you are now separated, the love of your family and friends will give you peace in a time of sadness and, your friend will be watching over you.”

No ceremony is unconventional when a family or loved one needs closure to move on from loss.

At Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners, we are committed to bringing families comfort during a difficult time.