I Grew Up Watching Nascar Races, Last Weekend I Watched Jeff Gordon Interviewed…

Impressive that a driver gives back of his time to fighting cancer and personally spending time visiting with children struggling to fight cancer, in times that are emotional for families I’m always impressed to see a celebrity or numerous Nascar drivers giving back to their communities.

Everyone already knows I’ve always loved fast cars and speed. Many times as a child my father would take us to race tracks in California and we had a hot dog while watching the cars zoom by.

Often, most celebrities are so self absorbed that rag mags at the check out lines give you the latest trashy gossip. Rarely, do you see or hear about the numerous contributions that many sponsor and back with their money and time.

I’ve always been a strong supporter of various causes and because of this, I realize the various needs of my community and either give my time and services or donate money to help them. You see, I believe my community is my village.

As the holidays approach we often start to think about donating to this or that cause and many contact me for lists of charitable organizations to get involved with.

This year, let’s start getting involved year round rather than only at Christmas when we begin to consider gifts and giving. I’ve always volunteered or supported year round with the Texas Twins Team and the tiny Texas Twins, Maryssa and Makenna love visiting with nursing home residents or giving toys at area shelters and good pantries. You see teaching our children the gift of giving begins at home, all of our children have volunteered from the time they could walk and enjoy the smiles and hugs they receive in return.

Jeff Gordon’s Kick It for Children’s Cancer- a worthy cause with funding allocations to Pediatric Cancer Research, Access to Treatment, Jeff Gordon’s Children’s Hospital is a leader in pediatric health. The hospital has seen tremendous growth and success since opening the doors in 2006. Offering patient centered services so that children and their families do not have to leave their communities in order to receive the best of care, The Promise Circle of the Jeff Gordon’s Foundation is committed to funding family support programs that improve quality of life during treatment.

Funding is provided to programs within the chapter affiliated hospitals located in Austin, TX (Dell Children’s Hospital) Charlotte, NC (Levine Children’s Hospital) and Washington, DC (Children’s National Hospital).

The mailing address for donations is:
Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation
7575 West Winds Boulevard NW
Suite C
Concord, NC 28027

Love is a gift that never stops growing.