Dress Fiasco Fixed- When Buying a Dress Becomes a Mistake, Wendy Wortham Finds A Solution!

Well ya all, if something went easy for us, we’d fall over with heart attacks!

Cindy, Leigh Ann, Stephaney, the twins and our family friend Angela went to the fitting we’d waited 3 months for the dress to arrive and the dress did NOT fit! Good lord it was two feet from going around her. The staff was the rudest I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. Who ever heard of not being able to try on dresses and pay $600 wait 3 months only to find it didn’t fit?!

After twenty years of Modelling clothing, I knew that either this wasn’t the dress or the tailor was illiterate.

After demanding a refund and bring informed they do not refund special orders, this Texas Twin looked at her crying comrades and advised the owner that it might be in her best interest to refund the money now-she did, a good call on her part.

I loaded everybody up and headed over to David’s Bridal, found a wonderful assistant Rebecca and let Leigh Ann make several choices, and then I made mine.

The dresses Leigh Ann chose were pretty, however with her fair skin white washed her out. I had chosen a gorgeous on sale dress in an off ivory taffeta that fit like it had been tailored for her.

It was so beautiful, I started crying. This time however, it was tears of joy that the day had been saved.

Next week, my beautiful niece Stephaney will accompany me as she wants my assistance choosing her maid of honor gown.

Much love to you all and thanks again to the fantastic staff at David’s Bridal- you ladies rock!