Twogether in Texas Marriage and Pre MaritalCounseling with Reverend Wendy Wortham Texas Twins Events

I am registered as a marital, pre marital counselor in Texas affiliated with Twogether in Texas as well as grief, crisis and suicide prevention counseling with area hospitals.

While I offer last rites, and emergency counseling at no cost to victims, I must now charge for marriage and pre marital counseling based on the number of requests received by me for the sole intent and purpose to get a discount on Texas Marriage Applications.

Counseling in Texas is provided by affiliates to ensure healthy and long term unions.

What it is NOT and never has been intended to provide is to be used for the express and intent of saving couples the $60-$70 reduction of fees based on using the program for a coupon provided by a counselor who has spent his or her own time to stay current with required continuing education courses in Texas, paying fees and attending courses as required in Texas, nor simply providing a coupon for couples!

Marriage Officiants, Ministers & Clergy People must stay current with continuing education, licensing requirements and laws associated with conducting marriage in Texas. Since I’m also licensed to conduct weddings or other religious ceremonies in many other states, I must meet their requirements as well at great expense and personal time taken away from a business that offers many discounted or free services to those who cannot afford a funeral or floral designs for a loved one.

I also volunteer and sponsor many various affiliations and organizations in Texas and many other states.

For these reasons and many others, counseling with me simply to receive an $11.00 marriage application in Texas through Texas Twins Events is now $125.00 an hour for any couple seeking solely to get the certificate for marriage.

I hope the reasons for advising you of this change will explain why the amount of fees I’m charging has changed and, am certain that upon checking the website twogetherintexas.com that you will find my fee is well under $250.00 of others offering marriage and pre marital counseling in Texas.

My time is carefully divided among numerous career directions, volunteer and sponsor categories as well as Wedding Officiant, Event Planner, Floral Designer, Funeral Clergy and Religious Services provider and cannot be used simply to give a discount to those who have no real interest in a curriculum out in place to strengthen marriages and couples.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

If saving money on a marriage certificate is important enough to take up the time of a counselor to attain the certificate, my suggestion is to consider the financial repercussions that marriage and responsibility will add to an already stretched financial status for these couples.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events