Mexican Wedding Traditions Elegance, Beauty & Religion

Reverend Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel always enjoy incorporating tradition into your event and, also offer Interfaith ceremonies.

When planning a traditional Hispanic wedding, it is important to understand many recognized traditional aspects to honor both families in the union.

Today we will visit the many elements and traditions.

Wedding Rosary Lazo (Lasso) This tradition originated in Spain. A lasso (Lazo) was used as a symbol to the sacramental union of marriage. Today, a double looped rosary is often used as a lasso. It is put around the Bride and Groom to show that they are together for life.

Mexican wedding pins are handmade and quite decorative. The bride and groom pin them on the guests as party favors or on a doll dressed similar to the bride. If they are put on the bride, the guests take them off as a party favor.

In Mexico at a catholic wedding ceremony, the bride offers her bouquet to the Virgin Mary and leaves it at the foot of the statue in order to thank and ask her for her blessing.

The tradition of using fresh or waxed orange blossoms (azahares) as a bridal flower originated in Asia. The orange tree bears flowers and fruit at the same time, which symbolizes beauty and fertility.

Mexican gold coins (Arras) The bride and groom exchange 13 gold coins to symbolize the sharing of fortune and wealth.

Locations for a wedding can be based on culture. A Latin museum or restaurant, Spanish Mission, hacienda, or even botanical garden. Decorated with colorful linens, flowers, piñata and pottery.

Mexican wedding petticoats are worn in many countries and light blue in color.

Mexican wedding shirts are distinctive with embroidery and perfect for a beach wedding. Many Mexicans believe that the Guaybera was created in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

Godparents play a role in the Mexican wedding throughout Latin America. Godparents are chosen to guide couples through a ceremony. In Mexico, Bolivia, and Equador, “compadres” or “compadrazgo” are chosen at birth or marriage. They continue to support the couple throughout their lives. The role of Godparent is a tremendous honor and not decided quickly by parents.

Wedding cookies recipe:

One cup of butter and a half cup of sugar.
Stir in 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
Add two cups of all purpose flour and one cup of chopped almonds; mix until well blended
Cover and chill 3 hours
Form the dough into balls or crescents
Place the cookie balls on an unprepared cookie sheet and bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove cookies from the pan to cool on wire racks. Once the cookies are cool, roll them in powdered sugar.

At Texas Twins Events, traditions are always an honored element added to your ceremony to honor family and friends.