Honoring Grandparents or Godparents at Your Wedding

Ideas to honor the many grandparents at a wedding ceremony has become a growing trend mainly because thousands of grandparents are now rearing their grandchildren in the absence of parents for many reasons during a difficult financial climate, drug abuse or psychological issues that put parents who’ve already raised their children in a position of “starting all over again.”

Since many grandparents are quite older than traditional parents challenges exist that should be addressed when taking on this huge responsibility.

Honoring a grandmother, grandfather or both at a wedding ceremony is normally easy by catering your ceremony to include them when I note their presence to your honored guests and the wedding party and mention how pleased the Bridal Couple and myself are to have them at the event.

You can also dance to their first dance song at the reception, include their wedding photo at the gift table.

Making a tribute to grandparents is an element I always suggest when the relationship to the Bride or Groom is closer than would be in other ceremonies.

What if a parent is deceased? You can honor the parent by making mention of them in your program or during the wedding ceremony.

A written tribute, a moment of silence to honor those no longer with us, lay a flower on the pew in place of the person, read a favorite passage or letter written to you as a child, make a toast at the reception, or leave your bouquet at the grave of your lost loved one.

Many times have the grandparents or grandparent “given away the bride.”

Grandparents as well as Godparents have a very important role in many lives and, I’ve always suggested including these very important people in ceremonies.

Several times both the grand mother and grandfather have walked a Bride down the aisle.

Giving the father of the Bride or, honored friend or relative giving the Bride away a moment to say or read something significant to the Bride and presenter is a moment that I believe was well earned and therefore always discuss prior to the ceremony.

At any time prior to the ceremony should the Bridal Couple wish to address the guests with a poetry reading, thank you or emotional life event, I always encourage the participation as I believe honoring those who have walked you through life and taught you to soar with your own wings deserve a moment in the spotlight.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel has raised her twin grand daughters since birth, a huge responsibility. Who else would walk either of these girls down the aisle when one day they marry other than my sister and her husband? After all raising a child or children is a huge responsibility both financially and emotionally to seniors across America. Regularly giving up travel and other expenses to care for their grandchildren is only one of the many sacrifices regularly made by these heroes!

While your wedding is “your day” taking a moment to publicly honor and thank those who have supported and nurtured you should be an opportunity for them as well.

I hope this answers the many questions I receive regarding grandparents and Godparents. Should you have a specific question that requires a personal response, please feel free to use the website contact us link at http://www.texastwinsevents.com