Parents of Multiples Now Have a Twin Law in Texas Giving Them Control Over The Decision To Separate Twins or Multiples in Schools

The Twin Law gives parents the choice on whether or not to separate twins or multiples in classrooms.

Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel have rallied for parents to make this decision for years- you see we were separated as children ourselves.

Many parents are unaware that they have legal rights in many states to have control over their children being mandatorily separated- even though most psychologists and parents disagree with the concept. This policy has no real foundation or research to substantiate benefit to the children and no regard to the needs of twins or multiple children.

There are several states that have enacted Twin Laws, Texas is one of them. If you are a parent, guardian or relative of twins or multiples and want to have a voice on this emotionally charged issue, please visit Twinslaw.com to see if your state is affected and find out how to help.

House Bill No. 314

An Act relating to the classroom placement of multiple birth siblings in public schools.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas:

Section 1. Subchapter B, Chapter 25, Education Code, is amended by adding Section 25.043 to read as follows:

Classroom placement of multiple birth siblings in this section means:

1) Twin, Triplet, Quadruplets or other sibling resulting from multiple birth.

2) Parent includes a person with standing in a parental/child relationship meaning Parent, Grandparent or Guardian.

3) the Parent or Guardian of multiple birth siblings who are assigned to the same grade level and school may request IN WRITING, not later than the 14 th day after the first day of enrollment , that the school place the siblings in the same classroom or, in separate classrooms.

4) At the end of the first grading period if the Principal deems placement is disruptive to the school, the Principal may determine appropriate classroom placement.

5) a Parent may appeal this decision in the manner provided by school policy. During the appeal, the multiple birth children shall remain in the classroom chosen by the Parent.

This Bill was passed in Texas on March 28, 2007 with the following votes Yeas 143, Nays 0.

Recent studies of this highly charged issue have proven that separation is often emotionally traumatic for twins and multiples.

Cindy Ann Daniel and myself were separated in school and with my chronic stutter for years as a child, the trauma of being separated as well as having speech issues made me an easy target for bullies. I would attain my GED early at 13 along with my sister to get out of school as quickly as possible. We both attended college and the same classroom with GPA of 3.9 and 3.8 not perfect, but pretty close.

Parents of multiples all agree that separation causes anxiety for children, especially when there is a divorce or death or what’s now becoming the norm, grandparents raising grandchildren as my sister Cindy has since the birth of Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney. Successfully fighting to get this law passed was merely one of many hurdles we’ve overcome but, for Maryssa and Makenna a very important one as they both have numerous health issues that often have one child in the hospital and one child at school. The days alone at school are hard on whomever isn’t having heart conditions or complications of severe asthma.

Nancy Segal Director of Twins Study Center at California State University-Fullerton supports new laws.

New research points to emotional and academic troubles for separated twins. Young twins especially may need to be within eyesight of each other to relax and feel safe.

However, Nancy Davenport president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (and, NOT a twin or multiple) argues (without any verifiable facts) that one twin overshadows the other?! “I would like the educator to be seen as the professional making the decision in the best interest of the child” Davenport says.

The problem for my sister and myself and millions of other parents and caretakers is that teachers AND principals are educators NOT psychologist OR counselors and have no idea how these ridiculous arguments of why to separate twins have traumatized twins for years in schools across America.

Parents and Grandparents, stand up and fight to make decisions on whether or not to separate twins a decision made by the Parent or Guardian! Educators are not familiar with the unique relationships of multiples and the long term affects of separation are still felt by these Texas Twins- which is why we fight so hard for other twins on issues surrounding the special bond of twins. 20140413-041905.jpg