Are You Searching For A Wedding a Minister in Fort Worth or Dallas, TX?

Well friend, look no further! Reverend Wendy Wortham often gets last minute calls when other officiants fail to arrive.

Today, while working my part time job for Proctor & Gamble, I received a call requesting a Minister, I always ask the date to ensure my availability. Surprised that the caller said they would need me today- in fact, as soon as possible, I called my twin sister Cindy Daniel to run to my home and fetch my robe and vestment and meet me at the location.

Yes, I’m always on call. Often, when others fail to show up- there is a reason for couples to need to understand what it is they are paying for when hiring a wedding officiant or, my entire team for their event- the reason is professionalism, and attention that every detail and desire of the client is met when hiring the Texas Twins Events or Reverend Wendy Wortham. Your event is as important to me as it is to you!

Love is one of the highest experiences that we as human beings can have, and it can add depth and meaning to our lives. The day to day companionship, the pleasure of doing things together or in exchanging individual experiences, is a continuous and central part of what two people who love each other can share.

What marriage is about is what life is about- growth. The relationship between two people must keep growing and changing, forming a constant adventure and development which will not be without the occasional conflict. If differences are faced openly, the possibility of learning how to convert problems into opportunities will not be lost and the marriage will prosper.

Often, couples I’ve joined in marriage contact me a few months into their union requesting Counselling. There is a reason for this and, when the couple understands that everyday isn’t wine and roses, discourse sets in.

Yes, everyday isn’t spent jumping from one love filled moment into the next. There will be crisis – but, nothing that cannot be overcome when working towards a mutual goal when building a life together.

Job changes, sickness, moving, family and more can contribute to stress on newlyweds. Knowing that you need to focus on issues that lie ahead can give you a kind heart when one is needed.

I council couples to understand that by putting one foot in front of the other, it is possible to walk a path together. It’s very important to understand that with all the planning and excitement of a wedding ceremony, once the party is over and reality of daily life sets in, the excitement doesn’t have to end!

Dress up, plan a play date, do things that will continue to learn more about your partner. Take dance classes, learn to paint or practice yoga, there are so many things, cooking together often relaxes my husband and I.

A marriage that lasts is one which is continually developing and in which each person is individually growing while growing in understanding of the others.

Deep knowledge of one another is not something that can be achieved in a short time and real understanding of the other can develop fully only after years of intimacy. This wonderful knowledge of another person grows out of caring enough to want to fully understand what the other is feeling. This it is possible to share not only joys and successes but also the burden of sorrows and failures. To be known in this way is a priceless gift- everything you overcome together will be a milestone that molds your relationship.

Such understanding and acceptance makes it easier to live with our problems, failings and worries. To give ourselves in love is not to give ourselves away. A good and balanced relationship is one in which neither person is overpowered or absorbed by the other. It is out of the tension between separateness and union, that love, whose incredible strength is equal only to its fragility, us born and reborn.

Reverend Wendy Wortham