Accenting Your Wedding With Ice Sculptures Beautiful and Affordable

Creativity when designing and planning your special day has me constantly searching for new and different dazzling decor ideas.

Exotic flowers like lily or orchid can be suspended into pyramid shaped ice Centerpieces, and they can be tailored to match the wedding theme, Brides floral choices or venue decoration.

Ice candle holders can be carved into designs of your choice. Leave guests enthralled with exquisite holders carved to your specifications.

The art of ice sculpting dates back to. 600 B.C. When ice harvesting first began. In fact, a collection of stories found in Shih Cheng, or Book of Sons, which was written at the time, describes the lives of the Shensi warrior-farmers who lived in northwest China and flooded their fields with water in the winter. When the water froze, writes the author, the ice was cut into blocks, stored in an ice house and used in the warmer months to keep the fish fresh.

Over the years, the molding and sculpting of ice became much more sophisticated, incorporating various techniques with the use of tools.

In 1740 a monumental scale ice palace was ordered to be built by Empress Anna in Russia. It included a collection of incredible features- an ice cannon that released ice cannon balls, an elephant that sprayed water from its trunk. Since this monumental creation, entire towns have been sculpted from ice in Russia.

In 1897, Russia hosted the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, which included works from thousands of artists from all over the world.

In 1950, Japan hosted the Sapporo Snow Festival, which has since become one of the largest festivals of its kind- entertaining approximately 2 million people every year.

In 1990, an artist by the name of Jannot Derid held an exhibition in a cylinder shaped igloo in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. This led to the creation of the first hotel comprised entirely of ice.

The history of ice sculpting is rich and interesting. Today it has become a medium in which we produce art. You can find ice bars, ice hotels, and huge festivals that celebrate ice sculptures all over the world.

Although not required to meet specific criteria prior to beginning, a successful sculptor spends years developing the skills that contribute to a prosperous career. An ice sculptor must have a tolerance for cold environments, excellent manual dexterity and an ability to create aesthetically pleasing designs.

Until the number of culinary schools proliferated in the early 21st century, most ice sculptors received training on the job or while working under a tenured ice carver. Although these options still exist, many culinary programs teach the fundamentals of ice sculpting during garde manger, or cold preparation, training. Several trade schools, such as The Academy of Ice Sculpting and Design in California, specialize in ice sculpting instruction.

An ice sculptor must have a strong familiar with hand and power tools. Ice carvers commonly use chisels, chainsaws and die grinders to execute designs, and in some cases employ the use of computer controlled lasers to form ice into shapes too intricate for manual completion.

The cost of an ice sculpture can vary significantly.

Paul Germains Ice Sculpture World offers services and pricing information with most custom orders pictured on the site ranging from $950-$4500 for weddings and company parties. They also provide huge ice sculptures for major venues and promotions such as trade shows and conventions

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