Wedding Disasters Can Be Funny & Challenging- Wendy Wortham the “Wedding Warrior”

Nobody ever told you that a wedding was going to be an easy transition into your new life- or did they?

Today, we are going to (once again) go over diverted disasters that could have ruined an event that were “spun” into a memorable and humorous good time instead.

Most of you know that I’ve worked as a clothing/print/commercial actress for over 20 years and let me tell you that the perfect take, shot or spin on a runway are hard to come by. The fact is that I’ve accidentally fell off a runway, been stung by fire ants after a photographer posed me against a tree in Dallas, and nearly wrecked a very expensive Cadillac XLR for a print ad! Yep, I’ve pretty much seen it all, but, without my telling you- you would never have guessed that a commercial for Whataburger I did with Mel Tillis still makes me nauseous thinking about how many bites out of a hamburger I was forced to endure until the perfect. “Take” had been achieved. Patience is a virtue and certainly one that brides, grooms, and extended families need to take to heart!

We often take photos from 3-5 different angles to ensure that we have every possible opportunity of attaining that “sought after money shot!”

Occasionally, tempers from either the Bride or Grooms parents put an entirely new twist to the in law side of a wedding- often, these same loving and normally calm parents can get the wedding couple so frustrated about their “own ideas ” that I am forced to step in and create order out of the chaos.

As an experienced public speaker, taking the lead has never been an issue as I am used to the last minute dramas of who is sitting next to who, etc.

I saw a commercial last night about two bridesmaids jumping into a small car and getting dressed en route to a wedding with the assistance of the driver and passenger putting on their shoes.

Folks, if we all work together to ensure a beautiful event, as my staff is very well trained to do- whatever happens can be dealt with and overcome with a positive outcome.

At Texas Twins Events, your event whether its a wedding, renewal of vows, house blessing, baptism or funeral, will exceed your expectations! We are committed to making you feel like family, no issue is too big or small.

Reverend Wendy Wortham may ask a lot of questions, but rest assured there are reasons I need to know your wishes, any issues on the guest list with drinking and outrageous behavior, food allergies, etc. and the reason is so I can tackle any issue accordingly.

I have attached some photos that were NOT funny at the time but, now can be somewhat humorous and certainly memorable to those they feature.

Have fun! It’s your day, we want it to be your way. And, just because something crazy and unexpected may pop up- it won’t be the end of the world as it may very well be the unexpected twist that gets talked about for years to come my friend!

Reverend Wendy Wortham