San Antonio Wedding of Tash & Tamara Hargrove-Lenzy

The Texas Twins crew took two cars to San Antonio, TX early Friday morning.

I drove my car with Ann Alexander, Tucker Taylor aka Rochelle Roullette our multiple talented make up artist and stunningly striking drag queen performer along with Cory Oropenza aka Siren, also a drag queen diva and make up artist and behind me, Leigh Ann Blais along with my twin sister Cindy Daniel had our twin beauties and flower girls for the wedding Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney.

We had planned to leave my home in Westover Hills rather early at 9. However, I was completely out of my thyroid medication. My endocrinology specialist tells me I must take Cytomel for the rest of my life after a full thyroidectomy last year- I often wonder what would happen if I didn’t take this medication as apparently many others on Google postings do.

Our mini caravan travelled to Walgreens on Camp Bowie to pick up my medicine and since the Texas Twins crew was rather hungry, hit the Taco Cabana prior to leaving Fort Worth, TX.

Kicking my favorite Boston Don’t Look Back cd in, we were en route!

Everyone knows how much I enjoy making pit stops at truck stops while on road trips and this excursion was no exception. The Texas Twins crew is accustomed to a bit of attention when out in public together. After all, Cindy and I are identical twins with twins (Maryssa and Makenna) our make up artists/performers Siren and Rochelle Roullette are also drag queen performers and finally Ann Alexander and Leigh Ann Thomas round out the group as photographers and last minute errands along with helping out with the twins, our nine year old superstars who act as flower girls or ring bearers at most of our events are often under the care of Ann or Leigh Ann acting as their nannies when myself or Cindy are otherwise occupied.

My group is often asked for photos while out in public, Maryssa and Makenna are quite mature and love to strike a pose on cue. You can find numerous photos of our twin darlings on my Pinterest page under Wendy Wortham, or by visiting our website at www.texastwinsevents.com

Cindy found the most darling earmuffs attached to a headband in Temple, TX and nearly took the display apart searching for two that matched for our twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney- they didn’t have a matching set much to her dismay.

Back on the road, Tucker napped while I sang along to my favorite 70s songs and Ann along with Cory updated their social media sites. Leigh Ann, Cindy and the twins followed behind us.

Arriving at our hotel a few minutes behind Cindy and Leigh Ann since my navigation lady had taken me (as usual) slightly off course, I ran over a few cones at the Hilton Palcio Del Rio and jumped out to go grab a wheeled valet while handing Ann my drivers license and credit card to check everybody into their rooms with and begin my dash over to the venue and meet Tash and Tamara.

Cindy hopped into my car and we dashed on to the location only again to be led to a dead end street by my navigation lady, again! Am I the only person who struggles with their navigation guide? I attempted a u turn, now I’m anxious wreck as we had planned to meet the girls at 5 and it was now well past the meeting time.

Everyone knows what a stickler I am about being early- I view tardiness as theft, after all you can’t pay back being late! So, whenever I or anyone in the group is running a bit behind- my usual good nature gets lost which is why I ALWAYS ensure an additional one to two hour window- we have never been late to an event!

While trying to make a u turn, my purse straps wrapped around my steering wheel and I somehow turned the windshield wipers on which knocked drinks out of the cup holders and spilling Coke all over myself! Now you know why I always travel wearing black clothes lol! We nearly went head on into another vehicle! But, we called the girls and located the venue at last after avoiding a collision- I was ready for a drink and a Xanax!

Running through the order of the wedding party walking down the aisle, Cindy and I helped finish tying bows to the chairs and headed back to the hotel. I was now officially starving 🙂

Ann, Cory and Tucker had checked in and headed down to the River Walk while Leigh Ann and the twins explored the hotel.

It was decided that Cindy and I would join Leigh Ann and the twins for dinner and were treated to a band of Mariachi singers serenading us while the twins laughed with delight. If only I had not ordered the chili, this would catch up with me later that evening- thinking this dish would have the fewest calories, it would take days for my stomach to return to normal.

After dinner, we headed to the water taxis and were treated to a wonderful tour guided by quick witted Michael while enjoying many laughs along the way. This guide was a true performer- something that always adds an fun and interesting element to a tour. Cindy and I left a generous tip for our grateful mess to a break in the day with Michael enjoying the beauty of San Antonio with Leigh Ann and the twins on our evening boat ride.

Back upstairs at the hotel, we decided since our second room had only one large bed, that Ann, Tucker and Cory would bunk up and sleep together while I slept with Cindy and Makenna while Leigh Ann slept with Maryssa.

At 1:00 AM, the chili had me up with stomach cramps and burping that sounded like a volcano erupting! I was miserable and finally decided to just throw up and try to achieve some degree of relief. Naturally, I woke everyone in my room up! It’s very difficult to be quiet when trying to stick your finger down your own throat my friends. I hope I never eat chili again, and, if you catch me-stop me!

If I got three hours that night, I’m amazed. The beauty of San Antonio is amazing, and I sat on the balcony and enjoyed sipping hot tea from the coffee maker in our room on the terrace getting my sermon and notes together while waiting for the crew to wake up.

Three hours later, at 9AM I decided to “help” the gang get up and get moving. We had a big day ahead of us. Ann Alexander greeted me freshly showered and already wearing her make up! I was stumbling around with my hair standing on end wearing silk skull and crossbones pajamas that my husband had given me for Christmas the previous year.

Cindy was busily changing the twins nail polish and organizing their outfits while Tucker and Leigh Ann slept in and Cory was ironing so I decided to take Ann with me downstairs and grab coffee and breakfast items for our crew, we headed downstairs in our pajamas with the twins.

The gang decided that Leigh Ann, Cindy, Ann and I would take the twins for a daytime boat ride and grab a few last minute essentials from the CVS on the Riverwalk while Cory and Tucker transformed themselves to perform at the wedding later that day.

Sadly, the tour guide we had possessed none of the quick witted banter we had enjoyed on the previous tour the prior evening. Our boat passed Michael who called out “hey two groups of twins from Fort Worth!” Across the river while I yelled back “Michael, we miss you!” And, I really meant it! Folks, if you are in the consumer industry, whether you’re having a bad day or not- putting your best face forward, especially if you count on tipping, is always a good idea!

Running back to the hotel with some essentials that included Clorox spray bleach for one of the bedspreads that the twins wet bathing suits had bled onto after a late night romp at the hot tub on the 5th floor, I was immediately a nervous wreck that the make up artists/ performers Tucker and Cory were not yet ready. Transformations as amazing as theirs are take time ya all!

Worried sick that we might be late, I called down to the front desk for a bellman to come upstairs and get our luggage. it was then that we decided that I would change at the venue, getting everyone else ready first would be my priority!

This plan would change ten minutes later when Leigh Ann told me valet couldn’t find her car!

They finally found Leigh Ann’s car and we sent her ahead with the twins while Ann, Cindy and I waited on my car. Cory and Tucker were going to meet us in the lobby. Several precious minutes later, the valet brought a car that was not mine! Good grief, we had promised to do the make up for the bridesmaids and I was now in an all out panic.

Cindy waited on my car while Ann and I went back up to our rooms to check on the window necessary for Tucker and Cory. Ann suggested that I go ahead and change clothes, Cindy called and had my car. We decided to have Cindy circle the block while we quickly got me dressed, the guys packed and I then realized that I had NO UNDERWEAR!!! I’d also left my heels in our room after checking out.

If you could have seen my group running through the lobby of the Hilton Palacio Del Rio, you would’ve stopped to take a photo! Rochelle and Siren were in full make up I wasn’t wearing shoes and we didn’t hand time for a baggage cart, make up bags and diva accessories as well as the amazingly high heels on Siren and Rochelle made it a miracle no one fell on the slick floors loaded with luggage as my team is completely unable to “pack light.”

Cory, who is much smaller than I gave me his new Victorias Secret thong to keep my gown from getting stuck to my bottom. I wear a large and the mediums were a bit tight, but as always the Texas Twins Team worked it out, dashed back downstairs, jumped into my car and drove like crazy people to the event.

We were set up to do make up for four bridesmaids prior to the wedding, so i jumped in with Tucker and Cory applying make up to the bridesmaids while Ann, Leigh Ann and Cindy helped wherever we were needed.

The brides arrived and the rest of the night went off splendidly with a spell binding performance by Tucker Taylor aka Rochelle Roullette and the make up of Cory and Tucker to the bridesmaids was, as expected perfect in every way!

We always sing “We are a family” and with Texas Twins Events, no matter what mishaps might befall my team- we are a family of close knit friends and family who have the luxury of meeting the most wonderful couples you could imagine and enjoy their friends and families at events.

Tash and Tamara had travelled to Fort Worth, TX for the pride parade Unifucation event I had performed and, marched with our entry for the Texas Twins Events as well as attending the TCGPWA picnic with us and I’ve got to tell you that my entire crew immediately fell in love with the kindness and friendliness of our newfound acquaintances. We only wished they lived closer!

Being asked to perform their wedding in San Antonio, I was honored as was my team. We feel so lucky to know these wonderful ladies and plan to keep them in our lives.

Texas Twins Events has afforded me an opportunity to meet many different people and I consider performing religious events for others a great honor. We have a really great team of talented and personable people committed to making your event a smashing success.

Having an excellent team of talent to address any need, whether its make up, photography, floral designs, or just pitching in with an extra hand- as the owner of Texas Twins Events, I was as amazed as everyone else at the talent of Tucker Taylor and Cory Oropenza to completely transform themselves into divas. Tucker Taylor aka Rochelle Roullette is an astounding and entertaining performer whose friendship is a great gift to me. Prices for hair and make up by Tucker or Cory start at $50-$75 dollars an hour.

Many blessings and much love to The Hargove-Linzy family whose kindness and friendship has brought much joy to my team and myself, and I’m sure, all who know these wonderful ladies!

Reverend Wendy Wortham