Planning a Wedding for a Small Group? We Can Help!

If you’re planning a small wedding of 25 or less, you may find it difficult to get information.

At Texas Twins Events, often couples love my home so much that they ask if I can host the wedding at my home, why yes, yes I can!

Hosting a wedding at my home is an additional fee of $150 but, includes your cake and champagne and, I can provide up to three bouquets for photos and gift a photo to the happy couple.

A small wedding allows you to have an intimate setting with your soon to be spouse and some of your closest family and friends. Even though your wedding is small, there are many ways to make it unique and memorable and I love to customize your vows with you and include additional details like hand blessing, unity candles, or including the children in your ceremony.

Having a small wedding often opens up many location options. You will create an intimate experience shared by those who attend.

Reverend Wendy Wortham also travels to parks and churches on short notice to accommodate you.

Giving every guest a disposable camera is often a great idea to get fabulous and unexpected photos you will treasure.

Need more ideas? Contact me today at 682-229-6838 to schedule an appt. since the winter season is my off time, we are now offering 20 percent off services for weddings, house blessings, baptisms, funerals and other religious events.

Consider asking your bridesmaids to wear their favorite dress in a particular color. They will still match but you won’t need to spend money to buy new dresses. Black, which every woman owns, can be mixed with whites or other softer colors to create dramatic photos.

For the Bride, instead of the traditional long dress, consider wearing a tea length or shorter dress on your favorite color- feeling glamorous is what makes a beautiful Bride!

Ask groomsmen to wear a suit they already own, or if the wedding is more casual, slacks and a shirt and tie. Give every member of the wedding party a small item that matches, like a pin or a flower, so it’s clear that that they are an important element in your wedding.

The bride can carry flowers that tie in with the color that her bridesmaids are wearing.

Forgo the catalog invitations and make them unique by making a different invitation for every guest. For a lavish affair, roll the invitations into scroll holders so your guests can unravel them like they were attending a royal wedding.

Make your vows simple by placing the wedding bands in a bag and passing the bag to each guest. Each guest says a prayer over the rungs and then the Bride and Groom exchange them. This unique idea will make your guests feel like they are an important element in your union. For am even more significant gesture, if you are Catholic, send an invitation to the Pope along with a donation and he will send you a papal blessing.

Place a wishing tree in place of the guest book at your wedding. Have guests write their wishes for your happy union and provide sage advice on a piece of decorative paper with a punched hole at the top. Guests will string a ribbon through the hole and tie papers to the tree branches.

With fewer guests, you you may not have enough people to fill the book. However, with the wishing tree, you can collect the messages and add them to a frame or scrapbook.