Weekend Wedding in the Park Jose Franco Rendon & Rosaura Mendez Nieto

I had a call last week from a family needing a translator and a wedding in a hurry- this was not an unusual request as sometimes needing an officiant quickly has become the norm at Texas Twins Events.

Cindy Daniel and I took Stephaney Mahaney our translator with us Saturday to meet with the couple and their children to interview and look at possible times to accommodate their request.

When it became apparent that the bride and groom had not made plans for the cake, the flowers and the venue- Stephanie suggested Gateway Park off Beach Street in Fort Worth, Cindy and I planned for everything else to ensure a lovely event on a tight budget with a very short window.

Cory Espinoza, a friend of mine used my camera to capture the event on video which I will send to the couple as a gift.

After deciding Sunday to have the wedding at noon, Cindy quickly rustled up several gowns and shoes for the bride Saturday afternoon, while I whipped up a bridal bouquet and floral designs for their daughters- the maids of honor, it was decided that our twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney would be the flower girls to follow behind and keep the son, the ring bearer focused on his mission of carrying the ring and walking down the path.

As usual, something went awry when the ring bearer ran off across the field and quickly, I decided that we would go around the ring bearer presenting the bride myself- lol.

En route to the venue, I had stopped to purchase the cake, flatware, napkins and lunch for the family as they were on a limited budget- as a gift.

I chose a beautiful Italian cake, while Cindy went on to the couples home and gave the bride several gowns from her collection and shoes to wear to the event.

The bride loved the bouquet I had made for her yesterday and other than a few minor mishaps, this wedding went off without a hitch.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple, and special thanks to Cory for the photography and Cindy Daniel for the clothes and shoes to make a beautiful event on a budget for this couple.

Tying every bundle, the Texas Twins, with help from our friends managed to give this couple the proper presentation for a “wedding on the dash.”