Honoring Grandparents with Tradition and Love

It is not always possible- because of distance or circumstances- for grandparents to involve themselves in the development of their grandchildren. But when they do, it is a great bonus and a blessing, for the role played by grandparents is a very important one.

They often are not involved in the daily nurturing and caring of their grandchildren. Therefore, they have the luxury of time to think about and attend to the kind of teaching busy parents can’t. By this, I mean they can guide their grandchildren in furthering their own identity and inner security.

They can help then to integrate themselves into society of their peers. They can pass on the wisdom of their years of experience to help their grandchildren decide between those who will make worthy friends and those who won’t.

With patience and gentleness, grandparents can develop a special relationship of trust and mutual enjoyment. They can also have great joy in telling their grandchildren about their ancestors and what they’ve achieved in their lives.

My sister Cindy has raised her grandchildren since their birth, they are identical twins. Born with health issues, these twin girls have required a lot of attention and love from my sister, a tremendous undertaking she is physically disabled with 12 pounds of steel supporting her back and spine. Their smiles light up a room, their beauty often has complete strangers requesting a photo. In this day and age when so many grandparents are raising their grandchildren, I thought we should take a moment and reflect on “the village” it takes to raise a child.

Often, we are so busy in our daily lives, that taking a moment to appreciate the kindness, the help, and the gift of friendship others bless our lives with often goes without true appreciation for things that make our lives richer and more meaningful.

Children these days are so involved with electronics and video games, that I’m surprised the twins still love a story read to them before bed, Cindy and I use character voices to add excitement to the stories they’ve heard a thousand times but, still enjoy.

As the holiday season approaches, finances may be tight, tensions may run high. During these trying times, taking a moment to rejoice in the good things in your life might go without true appreciation.

Finding time to bake cookies for Santa, take leftovers to your neighbor or say a kind word to a stranger are simple things we can do for one another.

Have grandparents involved with your children is a blessing, and a gift.

Rejoice in your family, the greatest accomplishment of all.